Finally…A Winter Wonderland


The Portland Metro Area may have had this much snow fall when I was a young lad, but since I cannot remember clearly I am going to say that in 34 years of life on this good earth in this general area the record has been broken.  Ten inches in less than 24 hours!

I took the day off to go sledding with the wife and kids.  We were at the local sledding hill before 9am so we can get in a second sesh later in the day!

Winter weather is a tremendous creative inspiration not only when I am trudging through shin-deep wet snowfall, but also when I gaze out of my back window staring at random snowfall patterns and the frolicking squirrels so despised by my spouse.  If I weren’t nearly halfway through Dry January I would likely be sipping an Imperial Stout and just zoning out in cozy, slightly inebriated bliss.  Eh, another cup of coffee sounds just as appealing.

Enjoy your day be you out of doors or in!


Block15 Brewing Company – Sticky Hands Marmalade

I realized recently that it had been a minute since I had posted a beer review and thought what better occasion to remedy that mortal sin than upon pouring my one and perhaps only, Sticky Hands Marmalade canned pint.  Brewed by Block15 Brewing Company in the best damned college town in the USA, Corvallis, Oregon – Sticky Hands Marmalade takes the base Sticky Hands Hop Experience IIPA recipe and flips the script on the usual hopping parameters with Amarillo, Appolo, Belma, and Chinook hops.  This results in a citrusy, peachy, slightly sour marmaladeriffic Imperial IPA.  It looks hazy and mysterious as it pours and settles, deceptively calm as it waits for consumption.

Easily up there with the Tropical Slam one-off, I was absolutely gutted when I thought I was not going to get to sample this ambrosia due to a perfect storm of financial embarrassment and lack of transport.  Enter the BFF to save the day with a single pint can in the form of a late birthday present.  I even waited an additional 24 hours because my palate had been corrupted by lesser ales before the hand-off.

It.  Was.  Worth it.

And On the 3rd Day I Only Wrote Blog Post

I wish I had more confidence that a future without hand guns and assault weapons was at least a minute possibility in my lifetime.

That having been stated, in light of yesterday’s tragedy in Roseberg, Oregon I took a break from writing my story as it deals with guns and violence, albeit in a fictional space.

I need a break from gun violence for a day or two.

On a more positive note it is Friday, I rode my bike again this morning, and Hello From The Magic Tavern podcast is fabulous.

Beer Camp Across America: Home Front Edition (8 of 12)

Full disclosure: I am a native Oregonian and take extra pride in products from my home state.

Double full disclosure: I had a loose idea of the order I was going to drink these beers in.  I divided them up mostly by style and ABV.  Point being, the fact that I am trying the Sierra Nevada offering brewed in collaboration with Ninkasi Brewing Company straight out of EUGENE, OREGON is random and has no significance.

Final full disclosure: Treat yourself to the “Hip-Hop BBQ Radio” station on Pandora.  You will not be disappointed.

Without further adieu I give you Double Latte Coffee Milk Stout Ale w/ Coffee and Lactose added.

If there is one thing Oregon is famous for other than its domination of Craft Brewing in the United States of America, it is artisan coffee.  Enter Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  I love that I can taste the cold brew finish as I have had quite a few cold brew coffees courtesy of Stumptown.

Double Latte is a superbly done milk stout.  Just shy of transcendent, it never the less represents Oregon to the fullest and I really appreciate that it delivers on its promise to be a rich and toasty treat.

Well done, Oregon!

The New Nashville??? I’d Prefer to Believe We Stand Up on Our Own, Dang It!

1859 Magazine

Above is a link to a great story (and playlist) from a magazine about Oregon (my birthplace) that is all about the amazing music scene the state is cultivating.

Do yourself a favor and pick up the latest issue for an amazing read, or better yet subscribe to it.  I will admit I am a little biased when it comes to bigging up my city and state, but damned if it ain’t one of the greatest places to call home the world over and double damned if we don’t produce an amazing music scene.

My favorite Oregonian Album of all time:

We the Lifesavas

We’re Not Worthy

Double India Pale Ale Taken from my HTCSense

Fort George Omegatex Double India Pale Ale Taken from my HTCSense

Fellow citizens, unless you know me personally you will fail to grasp the significance of these 22 ounces of godly nectar.

Fort George brewery in Astoria, Oregon brews my favorite readily available IPA on the planet (Oregon) by the name of Vortex.  Clocking in at 7.7 ABV –  its hoppy goodness is enough to make angels sing.  It truly is the stuff of legend.

Imagine my delight when I come across it’s Imperial cousin boasting a robust (omg corporate buzzwords) 9.9 ABV at my local New Seasons Market!  Did I catch a 9er in there?!  Were you calling from a walkie talkie???

Have you ever smelled bliss?  Have you ever tasted nirvana?  I have and it’s name is Omegatex!

Find it now and sip responsibly.