Please, please, please dearest God, Allah, Jah, Buddah, Krisna, Vishnu, Yahweh, Nostradamus, Satan, Raptor Jesus, Kanye West…WHOEVER – do not let the United States of America authorize and execute drone strikes in Iraq.

We have done enough damage to that poor country.  Let us send humanitarian aid and no more.  Any three ways you slice it, if my country sends drones I am not paying my federal income taxes next year.

I will not tacitly support war crimes any longer.  It is as simple as that.


Let Me Clear My Throat

Something about a sensual jazz lick got me vibin’ with laying down some smooth lyrics right about now.  Not sure what else to say, but OK…here it goes!  Uhhh 1, 2, 3 and to the 4, Jacob Scrits-mi-er is at your motherfuckin’ door, ready to make an entrance so back on up.  I do not feel the need to rip anything up at this point…  Grammar and diction are my passions on the surface, but deep down low I get hype off that purpose.  I want to tell the truth.  I want to expose the lies.  I want to make sure all of these rich motherfuckers know that Calvin can’t make a living off of slinging those delicious fries.  Don’t try to front.  Don’t try to deny.  Just acknowledge that  your notion of fairness is a myth and raise a fist to the sky.  That having been said.  Nobody get it twisted.  I am about that love.  Make it  above reproach and unconditional even when push come to shove.  #Kurtis