Break Time Musings

How can I commune with the natural when suffocated by concrete? At least the breeze still gently kisses the leaves of trees younger than I.

Cold comfort for the bees choking on neocotinoid cocktails courtesy of chemists cajoled into crafting poisonous concoctions for profit.

May they see the error of their ways. Inshallah.


#7: This Rule Is So Underrated

Good Morning internets!  I just realized that I remember more of the 10 Crack Commandments courtesy of The Notorious B.I.G. than I do the actual 10 Commandments.

For those not already in the know, the 7th Crack Commandment is “Keep your family and business completely separated.”  I’ll spare you the rest of the verse as it gets a bit graphic and homophobic, but there you go.  I bet you didn’t think you would read a sentence like that today!

Day 7 of the “Write Something Every Damned Day” campaign is off to a pretty great start.  I got to eat breakfast with all three members of my immediate family.  I listened to my daughter sing a made up song as my wife and I walked her to school.  I listened to an amazing new Run the Jewels record where Mike’s lyrics and delivery made me want to take the power back.  I read some negative stories that made me want to laugh and/or cry.  I read some positive stories that fanned the flames of my hope for the future.

I also bookmarked a story for future reading of a blog post that may perfectly describe the existential dread and anxiety I feel regarding climate change and its impact on the viability of my children’s future.

How about them apples?


The more that I read and learn about the current state of our world, the more conflicted I feel about the choice to do what I can to change things from where I am. I have a responsibility to make sure that my two children are fed, clothed, and have a roof over their heads. Because I know better, do I have a more immediate responsibility to make sure that by the time they are raised and on their own the world is a place that I want them to live in?

Fear paralyzes. Anger catalyzes. Hope sustains. Love endures. Compassion enlightens.

I know the answers. I do not have the methods. I am willing to help someone who does.

Get Ready for the Global Riots

Get Ready for the Global Riots

I really hate to advocate for global unrest because a lot of innocent people are always adversely affected.

At the same time…it needs to happen.  My fellow citizens need to wake up.  Myself and so many of my peers are just coasting along in our comfortable little bubbles.

We need to be jarred out of these comfort zones and put our money where our mouths are, so to speak.

The only reason I am not out on the streets right now is because if I were, my children would end up with a Father incarcerated for championing social justice…but that wouldn’t feed them.

Waiting and Hoping.

“Is This Enough?”

Some time last year, after getting some feedback from actual friends that a lot of my “shares” on Facebook were making them uncomfortable or were too numerous to have meaningful impact, and that I should cease and desist – I decided instead of proselytizing, I will simply leave the question “Is this enough?” along with a link, as opposed to a rant or even my own humble opinion about the piece or the cause.

Recently I have reversed the practice.  Time is too short to beat around the bush.  One of my inspirations to stand up and make noise about climate change, Bill McKibben, inspired me with an appearance on Democracy Now!

Whether it is a divestment campaign, donations to, or getting arrested to stop MegaLoads.  We as a species need to fight back against the naked greed that continues to propagate our destruction, largely with our tacit blessing, or make peace with our quite possible extinction a lot sooner than later.