Finally…A Winter Wonderland


The Portland Metro Area may have had this much snow fall when I was a young lad, but since I cannot remember clearly I am going to say that in 34 years of life on this good earth in this general area the record has been broken.  Ten inches in less than 24 hours!

I took the day off to go sledding with the wife and kids.  We were at the local sledding hill before 9am so we can get in a second sesh later in the day!

Winter weather is a tremendous creative inspiration not only when I am trudging through shin-deep wet snowfall, but also when I gaze out of my back window staring at random snowfall patterns and the frolicking squirrels so despised by my spouse.  If I weren’t nearly halfway through Dry January I would likely be sipping an Imperial Stout and just zoning out in cozy, slightly inebriated bliss.  Eh, another cup of coffee sounds just as appealing.

Enjoy your day be you out of doors or in!


Sunday, Funday, Punday?

I have a confession to make…

I am perfectly content sitting around in my quitters listening to podcasts solo dolo.

As I age the urge to get out there and get after it on my weekends continues to gradually ebb.

Now if you’ll excuse me, this IPA won’t drink itself.

It’s Been Awhile

I have not blogged since October 16th, 2015.  The only thing that I wrote between then and now was an intervention letter for a close friend.

Life was kinda heavy this week.  Everyone goes through it, though.  I’m sure some folk would call it 1st World Problems.  That’s where I live.  I won’t apologize for it.  To do so would demean my ancestors whose footsteps made it possible.

This afternoon I wish to reflect on our GODS.  I was raised in the Jesuit Roman Catholic tradition.  I am no longer religious, but I am still seeking the truth when it comes to the Divine.  I would say that I strive to live the “Do Unto Others” tradition.  I can’t really argue with treating others how I would wish to be treated.  I realize that concept is not unique to Catholicism or Christianity, but it’s what I know.

The GODS I write of are money, career, lust, consumption, knowledge…whatever gets in the way of LOVE.

Modern life has become so complicated for the worse.  I check shit on my phone dozens of times per day compulsively.  I spend the majority of my day working.  I self-medicate.  I recognize all of these symptoms yet when push comes to shove most times I just can’t help myself.

At times I find myself wishing something would come and wipe it all out.  Then humanity could take it back to the essence.

My fantasy utopia harkens back to tribal living in many ways.  I would be perfectly content growing and hunting my own food.  I don’t need electricity.  Music can be enjoyed acoustically.  Beer has been brewed since the dawn of time.  Sport does not need Nike or ESPN.  I know I would miss the scratch of the Technics and Sportcenter round the clock, but something’s got to give.

Sorry for the rambling.  It’s kind of what I do.  I just feel strongly that we’re all kind of looking for something more right now.  Or at least something different.

The fact that I continue to seek the truth gives me hope at the end of the day.  Wish me luck checking myself, living deliberately, and loving unconditionally.

No edits.


Eight days into my pledge to write something every damned day (ignoring last Saturday) I am pleased to report that my will remains strong.

I have still not returned to my short story/novel, but I am fairly certain tomorrow or the next day it will happen.

I was reminded last night (and again this afternoon) that Earth’s rotation has brought me once again to a cherished time of year!  Being blessed to live where I do, I am able to transition from fresh hop ales right into winter ale season with no intermission whatsoever.

Currently a Jubelale courtesy of Deschutes Brewery is gracing my palette.  The Jube remains my favorite winter ale partly because each year the offering changes a wee bit based on the constantly changing characteristics of the ingredients used to brew this divine nectar.

God or Gods bless the craftfolk of Deschutes Brewery.  Drink hail!

And On the 3rd Day I Only Wrote Blog Post

I wish I had more confidence that a future without hand guns and assault weapons was at least a minute possibility in my lifetime.

That having been stated, in light of yesterday’s tragedy in Roseberg, Oregon I took a break from writing my story as it deals with guns and violence, albeit in a fictional space.

I need a break from gun violence for a day or two.

On a more positive note it is Friday, I rode my bike again this morning, and Hello From The Magic Tavern podcast is fabulous.

Apologies and A Course Correction

I realize that the majority of my posts have been all over the place these last few months. Although it may not have necessarily bothered my few readers, I am feeling the need to apologize and so to you few I humbly ask your forgiveness. It means a lot to me that you take time out of your day to read my rants, ramblings, and reviews. I want it to be worth your while to do so.

When I first started this blog a year or so ago, I decided that its main aim would be to share stories and commentary on the topic of social justice with a side of craft beer reviews every now and then. Along with Hip-Hop and Football (Soccer) those are my primary interests in life beyond my family and friends.

But little did I know, or more honestly I knew, but was unwilling to admit, that the injustice on Planet Earth would quickly overwhelm someone like me who did not have the deep roots of self and spirituality necessary to bear witness to the evils of the modern world day in and day out for more than a few months at a time before becoming despondent.

I can say with confidence that over the last several years improvement of self has taken up a lot of my time and energy. I firmly believe that in order to affect true change in the world you must start by becoming the best version of your self and that job will never and should never be complete.

At this time I am not a version of myself that is good enough to comment upon issues of justice. I must endeavor to become that version of myself before it is right to go beyond simply sharing stories that promote justice and awareness, which I will continue to do via this blog.

I am however, qualified to continue reviewing tasty craft beers every once in a while. I may also pepper in some stuff about Hip-Hop, footy, or anything else that catches my fancy. There is no need to limit myself to just two topics.

I will also be writing about my on-going journey to become the best version of myself in the hope that it may help others on the same journey. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your comments in the future.

With Love, Hope, and Humility,