Friday Night Got a Little Heavy, Huh?

I meant every word.  I also had some great discussion on other social media the next day with some of my friends who are more intelligent than I am.

Tonight’s fare is much lighter, I promise.

As I was shaving my face this morning I got a good look at myself in the mirror.  I hadn’t put my makeup or my hair product on yet.  I was vulnerable.  I was raw. I was flabby.  What the fuck???

When did I get old and flabby???  Why now did my wife notice further accumulation of back hair???

Full disclosure.  I am almost 33 years old.  I lead what I would describe at a 70% sedentary lifestyle.  I eat lots of red meat and drink lots of heavy ale.  I work out a bit, but not nearly as much as I should.  Keeping up with my kids might give me a bonus 5% in the sedentary category, but that’s about where things stand.

I would ask that the audience keep in mind that I am coming at this topic from a light-hearted place, but also from an intense vulnerability bred from hubris, venality, and exposure to warped media of all types.

All of that having been said, looking at myself in the mirror made me feel pretty shitty even as a married male who has already replaced himself plus 1 in the ol’ gene pool.

Maybe it’s just getting older?  Maybe it’s comparing myself to all of my beautiful friends and family?  Maybe I just have too much time on my hands?

Who knows?  Better yet.  Who cares?  Oh, wait…I do.  As much as I try to pretend like I don’t, I still do.

I guess the moral of the story tonight is love yourself no matter what, but if you’re not happy with yourself, take a look in the mirror and more importantly, inside your heart and mind.  If you do not like what you see, determine whence your dissatisfaction comes and if necessary, make a change.

Me?  I need to drop 30 or 40 L-B’s for my health.  Wish me luck.