About Last Night

I posted an expression of frustration and hopelessness.

I tossed and turned all night thinking about why I felt the way that I did.

I decided to delete the post this morning because while I do still feel frustrated I do not feel hopeless and I certainly do not feel like giving up.

I did not want to leave a post up that might make others feel hopeless or contribute to a sense no matter what they might do it does not matter.

I am hopeful and I know that while I cannot alone change things on a gigantic scale, I can change things in myself and my family.  And those changes will spiral outwards and have the chance to promote change within others.


2 comments on “About Last Night

  1. Carolyn says:

    I was a bit worried about that post. To me, there is always, always hope though it might be hard to see sometimes. 😘😘

  2. Exactly! That was manifest frustration and negative emotions which while they are nice to get out from time to time should not necessarily be spread to others. Hope you are well, friend!

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