About Last Night

I posted an expression of frustration and hopelessness.

I tossed and turned all night thinking about why I felt the way that I did.

I decided to delete the post this morning because while I do still feel frustrated I do not feel hopeless and I certainly do not feel like giving up.

I did not want to leave a post up that might make others feel hopeless or contribute to a sense no matter what they might do it does not matter.

I am hopeful and I know that while I cannot alone change things on a gigantic scale, I can change things in myself and my family.  And those changes will spiral outwards and have the chance to promote change within others.


Election Ennui

In a perfect world media coverage of the 2016 United States of America’s Presidential Election should have ceased on October 7th around 6PM EST with the exception of short 30 second non-partisan ads featuring inspirational reasons and reminders to vote.

The Nail in the Coffin

I could not even muster the energy to watch last night’s debate.  I am sure it was a friggin’ train wreck.  It is a shame that Jill Stein and Gary Johnson were not allowed to participate once again

I want to give you some free advice.  Going forward it will be better for your mental well-being if you ignore it.  Tune it out!  I can already feel my anxiety levels decreasing and it has been all of three days.

The constant mental bombardment we subject ourselves to in an election year in this country is completely unnecessary and likely extremely harmful to our overall well being as individuals and as a society.

Who I Am Voting For

In case you were curious.