Working From Home While Sick

I came down with an honest to goodness common cold over the weekend!  It is truly awful without medication.  I slept like shit and just felt like the front of my face was going to melt away.

Luckily, I am employed by a company and in a position that allows me to work from home if necessary to avoid contaminating my co-workers and giving me the opportunity to save precious time off hours.

I have to imagine that most people are not so lucky and have to go to work because they cannot afford to stay home, worry about losing their jobs, etc.  So they trudge wearily to work and spread the particular iteration of plague growing inside of their sinuses to their co-workers.

Maybe employers should set aside areas so that people who are contagious, but still in a condition to work can still come in and put in a day’s work?  Maybe they should hand out face masks for the sick and well alike?

Anyway, it sure is a relief not to have to make the choice.  Job security and lack of guilt all in a nice little package has got me feeling blessed this evening.

One love!


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