Did I catch a Niner in there? Were You Calling From a Walkie Talkie?

Shout-outs to Chris Farley, David Spade, and Brian Fucking Dennehy.  Tommy Boy, may you rest in peace.  Thanks for the laughs.

I was ready to pick up the pen aka keyboard this morning.  Hand to God I was going to knock out a half page or more on the short story/novel.

Unfortunately before I could dig in, I logged into Twitter and what did I see but another fucking school shooting.

Pardon the profanity.

It’s time to license guns like we license drivers in this country.  If you want to own a hand-cannon designed only to kill another human being or an assault rifle that should only be in the hands of a soldier, that’s on you.  I am not going to try and repeal your right to bear arms, but I am damn sure going to enact extensive regulation and taxation.

You will take a test every five years.

You will prove that you passed said test with an amendment to your drivers license.

You will undergo an initial psych evaluation and a re-evaluation whenever the best science states you should be re-tested.

You will be tracked through a federal database every time you purchase a gun or ammunition.

My family and I deserve no less given the destructive capability of your expression of an antiquated Constitutional right.

You have the right to keep and bear arms, but I have the fucking right to try to give my kids the best chance possible to not get shot while going to fucking college.

Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?


4 comments on “Did I catch a Niner in there? Were You Calling From a Walkie Talkie?

  1. Carolyn says:

    Amen. Amen, amen, amen. I hate the argument that guns are not the issue but the people who use them are. Bullshit. Guns are made to kill. Treat them as such. Make it really rigorous to own one and for pete fucking sake why do you need to own a semi or fully automatic assault rifle. What the fuck for? Nobody that is not military or Law enforcement could possibly need one-not even for hunting. If you need it for hunting you are a piss poor hunter and need to quit. I live in a place where we do not have guns in the general populace. We do not have people dying from guns here. Occasionally someone will stab someone. i feel far safer in a fecking foreign country than I ever do in the US. It makes me sad and I feel like crying now. Love you, Jake. Rock on, brother.

  2. margotyoga says:

    How about the post about treating gun ownership like accessing an abortion clinic?? I think the idea has some merit.

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