A Nip in the Air

Walking my daughter to school this morning, it occurred to me that on literally the second day of Fall, the weather in the morning had fully embraced the new season.  I find it funny how a seemingly arbitrary date so accurately predicts the change in seasons.  Maybe it isn’t so arbitrary after all.

I like feeling connected to the changing of the seasons.  It feels genuine in my world and I crave those truly genuine connections because I live in a world where the superficial is constantly trying to dominate me.  I’m sure you can relate.

I have to go now to get ready for my day job now.  Maybe I’ll queue up “Connected” by Stereo MCs while I do so.


2 comments on “A Nip in the Air

  1. margotyoga says:

    I really love what you say about the connection to the seasons. Beautifully said, my friend.

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