Write. Something. Every. Damned. Day.

Today is the first day of my re-commitment to the pursuit of a deliberate and authentic life.

One of the pillars of this commitment is for me to write something every day.

I have been working sporadically on a short story/possible novel, but I really fell off the wagon at the end of the summer and throughout this month.

No more excuses!  Even if it is just a sentence I pledge to work on this story every damned day until it is finished.



A Nip in the Air

Walking my daughter to school this morning, it occurred to me that on literally the second day of Fall, the weather in the morning had fully embraced the new season.  I find it funny how a seemingly arbitrary date so accurately predicts the change in seasons.  Maybe it isn’t so arbitrary after all.

I like feeling connected to the changing of the seasons.  It feels genuine in my world and I crave those truly genuine connections because I live in a world where the superficial is constantly trying to dominate me.  I’m sure you can relate.

I have to go now to get ready for my day job now.  Maybe I’ll queue up “Connected” by Stereo MCs while I do so.

Paying Attention May Cause Hopelessness

Lately, I have been trying (and failing) to not let the state of the world bum me out.

Between politics, discrimination, climate change, refugee crises, and sports crap it is really easy to lose hope for the future of humanity.

If I am not careful it is easy to lose sight of all the amazing people and doin’s a’transpirin’ worldwide!

Here are ten people or things in no particular order that inspire me and renew my HOPE.

  1. Bernie Sanders
  2. Pope Francis
  3. Renewable Energy Technology
  4. Black Lives Matter
  5. The Maximum Fun Podcast Network
  6. My kids
  7. 350.org
  8. Himanshu Siri
  9. The “new” Late Show
  10. My wife’s expectations for herself and others

Smells of Fall

My wife and I sleep with the window open most nights until we arrive at the depths of winter.

Lately the nights have been getting colder as the summer wanes.  It feels good to sleep under all of the covers again.

It makes it harder to get out of bed in the morning, but at the same time I wake up more quickly in the cool and crisp created by the decrease in degrees.

Over the holiday weekend a new facet arose in the sleeping with the windows open while the weather changes saga.  Some neighbor has been having a campfire each morning and the smells that now waft through my windows are intoxicating.

They transport me to a mythical land where I wake up early in the morning to start a fire for the day and enjoy a pint of porter with breakfast.  A land where my family and I do outdoor things and the means to afford our lifestyle do not cross our minds negatively or positively.

A magical place.  I want to go to there.