Indiana Done Fucked Up

I have not even reviewed the law.

All I know is that when George Takei pens an Op-Ed and entire states sever ties with you…


Even stupider, I see that Mike Pence is trying to defend the language in the law.

Bro…seriously…you just need to surrender at this point.

In no way, shape, or form does this end well for you.

Apologize. Closet your bigotry. Keep your job.

Or don’t. Whatever. Moron.


Been Kinda Blocked Lately

I guess I can take solace in that I have wanted to write even if I have not had much to write about. Most of my free time has been occupied with decompressing from the day. Not that my days have been all that stressful. Rather they have been taxing in that I have not been feeling creative and inspired enough to overcome the brain-drain caused by work, chores, parenting, and husbanding. For the record, I am not complaining either. Stealing an hour during the day on breaks and lunch may have to become the norm which will require actual pen and paper. Wish me luck! Better yet, wish this damned block away!

Basecamp Brewing Company’s Ultra Gnar Gnar IPA & Backwoods Brewing Company’s Logyard IPA

I realize it has been FOREVERRR since I have blogged!  I figured would write up a couple of reviews for two of the delicious Northwest-style India Pale Ales I drank yesterday!  Behold the Ultra Gnar Gnar IPA from Basecamp Brewing Company in all its hopulent glory!  While BCBC strongly recommends enjoying their brews straight out the can (marketing aesthetic?), I chose to pour this badboy into a 20 oz. tulip glass so as to let it breath.

Nose: Piney

Color: Light-Amber

Taste: Plenty of tropical and citrus notes.  Watermelon detected.

ABV: 6.7%

Overall: Great mouth-feel, nicely carbonated, finishes a bit malty while maintaining a good balance between citrus and pine resin.  No problem dropping $8.99 for a sixer.  As you can see below, typical BCBC flair on the can art.  A strong 4 out of 5.

Ultra Gnar Gnar IPA in a can!

Next up on the docket is Logyard IPA from Backwoods Brewing Company.  Photo courtesy of Untappd.

Logyard IPA

They should have named this one Maui Wowee! Poured this from a can into a 20 oz. tulip glass as well. Fun fact. This is the first beer from Backwoods Brewing Company that I have had the pleasure of drinking and needless to say, I am now looking forward to many more!

Nose: All the pineapples! Seriously, it was like smelling the bottom of a ripe pineapple.

Color: Light-Amber

Taste: You guessed it! Pineapple. Hell, even the finish tasted like pineapple to me.

ABV: 6.7%

Overall: If you like pineapple you will love this IPA. Very mild malt profile that does an excellent job keeping the ale from tasting like pineapple juice. Don’t get it twisted. This is still an IPA. The can art was kind of ho-hum, but I drink beer for the taste not the art. 4.5 out of 5 stars.