Oh, Grandpa…

My Grandfather In-Law sends me forwarded forwards in the style of a lot of our older relatives. There are two themes. The first theme is CATHOLICISM. I was raised Catholic. I went to Catholic school through 12th grade. I was Baptized and Confirmed. Then I went to college and took a World Religions class. Thus began my search for TRUTH. There are a lot of very positive things about the Catholic Church, but I have too many fundamental differences of opinion to be convinced by a chain e-mail to “Return to the Fold.”

Grandpa doesn’t care. This is the man who gave my wife and I (both confirmed Catholics) a copy of The Catechism for our wedding and sends us cut-outs of “The Catholic Sentinel.” If I thought it would do any good I would tell him to mind his own business and cease with his evangelizing, but I have learned that you cannot change the mind of people whose ways are set in stone. Grandpa could probably be confronted by the Divine and still argue a point if it didn’t quite jive with his worldview.

The second theme of the forwarded forwards is OBAMA. Specifically all of the typical Right-Wing bogus fact sheets and poorly conceived jokes about him. Thankful these have not ventured into outright Racism, but a few have come close so I can only imagine what Grandpa is NOT forwarding my way. Now to be clear, I am of the opinion that like President George W. Bush before him, Barack Obama is a war criminal. He also betrayed a large portion of the Progressive base that got him elected in the first place. He has done some good things, but has not gone far enough in my opinion. That having been said, I wish Grandpa would stop to think about how he would react if I forwarded him the Liberal Pro-Obama fact sheets and the like.

I know they would not change his mind in any way. That is not how most people function. I wonder if looking at it from my perspective might stop him from spamming my inbox.

I doubt it. Rant over.