Contemplation of Facebook Deactivation (Again)

I keep waffling on this. Lately I have been feeling like the time banditry and superficial nature of the FB are not worth the occasional cute baby picture posting.

I am undertaking an effort to “clean out” my likes and follows in the hope that this cuts the crap so to speak, but I feel like FB just keeps filling my timeline with shared meaningless garbage despite my best efforts (no offense to anyone’s tastes in consumption).

Twitter gives me what I need from Social Media in a more condensed and less bullshitty form. I even un-followed a bunch of accounts there just to streamline my consumption even further.

I am leaning toward yet another farewell to FB, but have not yet made my final decision on the matter.

Is it even worth it? Will I just return two years later like a an overconfident recovering heroin addict?

Curse the need to live an (over?) examined life!


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