To Be King

I was thinking about my ten steps to save the nation post last week and then I got to thinking some more and…

Another solution to the problems our nation faces would be for me to become King…

I would be a good king.  I promise.  I think we would be better off if I just made all of the decisions from here on out.  You understand, right?

Don’t worry.  I promise not to board any of my soldiers in your homes without your permission.  I also promise not to charge too high of a tax on tea.

I’m only doing this because our current form of government has become ineffective and it’s time for a change.

If nothing else you can be happy because my first act as King will be to bring back fancy hats for all!

Sound good?  Excellent!  Let’s get to it, then!


2 comments on “To Be King

  1. Carolyn says:

    Fancy hats?!? Sign me up! 😜

  2. margotyoga says:

    I have no doubt you’d be a benevolent dictator. Rule on, my friend!

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