10 Steps to Fix The United States of America TODAY

Food for thought.

Step 1.

Election Campaigns are funded entirely by taxes. No exceptions.

Step 2.

No lifetime appointments. Every position has term limits and no person may hold the position for more than one term. No exceptions.

Step 3.

Flat personal tax. Flat corporate tax. No subsidies. No exceptions.

Step 4.

No private ownership of prisons, bridges, federal land, anything. No exceptions.

Step 5.

Close military bases and CIA Black Sites abroad. Bring all troops home with the exception of those on humanitarian missions. Stop hiring private contractors as soldiers. If legitimate just war is entered into, when it is over stop awarding contracts to rebuild to corporations. No exceptions.

Step 6.

Decriminalize drug use and possession of reasonable amounts of a controlled substance. Require treatment as opposed to incarceration. No exceptions.

Step 7.

Convert to 100% renewable energy by 2025. No exceptions.

Step 8.

No privately owned utilities. Break them up. Break up the banks too while we are at it. All utilities should be owned by the people. No exceptions.

Step 9.

Immediately enact a NEW New Deal program to repair and upgrade the infrastructure of the country focusing on mass public transit. This will support achievement of Step 7 as well as bring succor to the unemployed. Upon completion a reasonable level of personnel will remain on to maintain, and upgrade infrastructure further when necessary. No exceptions.

Step 10.

Marriage Equality. Comprehensive Welfare. Universal Healthcare. Ban on Assault Weapons. Ban on pesticides. Ban on artificial sweeteners. Two years of mandatory public service in various forms. Return P.E., Art, and Music to our public educational system which should be expanded. You get the idea. No exceptions.


4 comments on “10 Steps to Fix The United States of America TODAY

  1. margotyoga says:

    Sounds like socialism! So, when are you running for office?

  2. bigscrits says:

    While not socialism in its purest form there are definitely elements contained within. I had another addendum that I thought of while driving to work yesterday, but it has since fled me noggin! With regard to running for office…I’m not sure I could remain calm enough while uprooting the entrenched system to effectively govern. I truthfully feel it would be more beneficial break up the United States into smaller portions so that the government would be more representative of the majority of people who live within the particular borders/regions a la CASCADIA. I can dream…

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