Verbal Biceps

Legit spit hold weight in these streets.  Who am I kidding?  I could not tell you a Diddy-damned thing about these streets.  Thank God for that.  Random ninjas choke you out.  Foot Clan status.  I can tell you about that drank, though.  Not about that Henny or the Jose.  About that craft beer, stay the fuck up off that Rosay.  Wannabe rapper, but I spit the real sure enough.  The truth in this booth.  Stupid with this bloggin’ shit.  Outlets are important.  Otherwise my mouth run, startin’ shit.


To Vote Or Not To Vote???

Never fear. I am going to vote. It is important. Besides, if I did not vote I could not complain about things as much as I want to. Plus, I am pro-pot, pro-gmo labels, pro-Jeff Merkley, etc.

This random thought has been brought to you by the political commercials on Pandora.

P.S. I am now feeling slightly sick to my stomach after “thumbs upping” a song by Third Eye Blind.