BCAA: Last, But Certainly Not Least

Well…the journey is at an end.

Frankly, I am proud of myself for making it last as long as it did.

Beer Camp 2014 has come to a close for this guy.

The last beer I drank does not have any special significance.  It just ended up being the last one in the box.

Myron’s Walk.  Belgian-Style Pale Ale brewed with Coriander.

Yeasty as a motherfucker, this one.  Brewed by Sierra Nevada in collaboration with Allagash out of MAINE, of all places.  West Coast Hops meet Belgian Yeast for a mildly tart pale ale with a legit profile for a hybrid such as this.

Based off of the two Belgian styles ales in this pack, I’m going to have to give the style its due.  I usually avoid it like the plague, but going forward, I plan to be much more open-minded.

Well done Sierra Nevada and all of your collaborators.  You have brought something to the people that deserves respect.

I hate goodbyes…


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