Beer Camp: Across America “What about elevenses?” Edition

Sierra Nevada plus New Glarus equals There and Back English Style Bitter.

This one could have tasted like stale Newcastle (I have yet to taste an unsatisfying ESB) and it would still have held a special place in my heart.

I love Tolkien.  The reference alone gives merit to this collaboration.  I had never heard of New Glarus Brrewing Co. before now.  Sadly, they have not made it out to my neck of the west coast yet.  If I ever make it to Wisconsin, I will stop in to pay my respects as There and Back is evidence they know their craft.

I could drink this beer all day.  I’m a hop guy six days of seven, but the toasty nutterific malts used in this recipe go down so smoothly, I’d be willing to convert at least two days a week.

“It comes in pints?!”


2 comments on “Beer Camp: Across America “What about elevenses?” Edition

  1. Crofty says:

    I feel the same way about ESBs, only recently have craft brewers in Australia started to produce then though, so my supply has been limited to aged/oxidised imports.Getting better though.

    I’ve heard nothing but great things from New Glarus on podcasts for the states, hopefully I’ll get my hands on this pack. We were able to get some stocks of last years beer camp so ever hopeful 🙂

  2. bigscrits says:

    You might try your local grocer if they already import Sierra Nevada. I have had a lot of luck with mine as they are able to communicate directly with the distributor and oftentimes special order things that aren’t normally stocked by the market. I plan on doing that this weekend with regard to New Glarus!

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