Beer Camp Across America: Home Front Edition (8 of 12)

Full disclosure: I am a native Oregonian and take extra pride in products from my home state.

Double full disclosure: I had a loose idea of the order I was going to drink these beers in.  I divided them up mostly by style and ABV.  Point being, the fact that I am trying the Sierra Nevada offering brewed in collaboration with Ninkasi Brewing Company straight out of EUGENE, OREGON is random and has no significance.

Final full disclosure: Treat yourself to the “Hip-Hop BBQ Radio” station on Pandora.  You will not be disappointed.

Without further adieu I give you Double Latte Coffee Milk Stout Ale w/ Coffee and Lactose added.

If there is one thing Oregon is famous for other than its domination of Craft Brewing in the United States of America, it is artisan coffee.  Enter Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  I love that I can taste the cold brew finish as I have had quite a few cold brew coffees courtesy of Stumptown.

Double Latte is a superbly done milk stout.  Just shy of transcendent, it never the less represents Oregon to the fullest and I really appreciate that it delivers on its promise to be a rich and toasty treat.

Well done, Oregon!


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