Campo de Bier Across Estados Unidos Numero Cinco

Sierra Nevada.  Cigar City Brewing out of Tampa.  Yonder Bock.  This one is billed as a tropical Maibock.  I can taste the guava and mango.  I cannot taste the passionfruit because I do not know what passionfruit tastes like.  Calypso, Azacca, and some sort of experimental 366 hops???  The fuck?  Whatever they are, they are the  This is still a Maibock style brew.  I was a little worried that with that powerful of hop infusion I would no longer be able to taste the style.

Consider my fears groundless.  The flavor blending of this beer could not have been more perfect.  Sometimes with the fruitier flavored hops you get overpowered.  Not Yonder Bock.  The mixture perfectly combines the flavors.

Yonder Bock is truly a thing of beauty and at 7.7% ABV it gives you that oh so special feeling after imbibibation (I made up that word just now).

Salud!  Viva Cuba!


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