#BCAA Entry Numero Tre

Ahhh.  This is more like it.  Sierra Nevada + Ballast Point = Collabo-Heaven!

Ladies and gents, I present to you Electric Ray India Pale Lager.  This one packs a whallop.  8.5% ABV is about 2% higher than most IPLs on the market right now.  The bottle advises the hop varietal used was American and I’d like to know where it was grown because holy schnikes, the bouquet of citrus and dare I say, melons is literally a party in your mouth.  Usually IPLs finish like a lager with the traditional crispy bitterness you would expect.  This one’s finish is more like the first taste of one of Dogfish Head’s crazy experimental flavor beers.  It just keeps going and going in the best possible way.  Easily my favorite of the three I have sampled so far.

Ballast Point Brewing de San Diego, California…I salute thee!  Heave ho!



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