Beer Camp…Across America?!?!

One of my favorite summer traditions is back to spice up my July!  Sierra Nevada, God bless ’em, does this thing called Beer Camp every summer.  It’s basically collaboration brewing on steroids.  This summer, it’s 12 different fooking breweries across the country.  Yes please, mate!

Without further adieu, my first selection to try was the collaboration with Asheville Brewers Alliance lovingly coined “Tater Ridge.”  Described as a Scottish Ale brewed with sweet potatoes, the packaging promises a kick.  I’m not tasting it!  Which is sad because I love sweet potatoes!  That having been said, the brew is still fooking delicious.  One of the more smooth Scotch ales I’ve had the pleasure to imbibe.  A mild 35 IBUs and yet a robust 7.0% ABV.  If that smoothness is manifested through the addition of sweets to the recipe, then shine on, you crazy diamonds.  If not?  Still an amazing first entry in the series.

Full disclosure:  There is no order in which to drink these lovelies and yes, I am aware of the clusterfucks going on around the world at this very moment.


One comment on “Beer Camp…Across America?!?!

  1. Johnf0 says:

    Thanks for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on befdefffebga

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