Beer Camp Across America Part Deux

I was planning on limiting my reviews to one per day for 12 days…but I’m impatient.  Sue me.

Installment two was the Torpedo Pilsner collaboration between Sierra Nevada (duh) and Firestone Walker Brewing Co.  I was expecting greatness, but all I ended up with was a skunkier version of the Pivo.  I am usually gushing in my reviews of Firestone Walker brews.  Wookey Jack and Double Jack live in the upper echelon of the Craft Beer Colosseum.  I have had Pivo on a least two separate occasions and it is easily superior to this.  I was imagining an unholy union between Torpedo Extra IPA and Pivo.  Torpedo Pilsner falls far short of expectations.  45 IBU seems really low for something that lingers in your nostrils the way this does.  I’d drink it for free, but will not pay for it again.  Maybe I set the bar too high, but then again, I feel elevated expectations are warranted when it comes to Beer Camp.

I realize they can’t all be gold, Pony Boy.  But damn it, I expect better from an offering this limited.

A probst that tomorrow’s selections yield more favorable results.


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