Freestyle Flows

You all may or may NOT know that I loves the Hip-Hop music.  Sometimes I get hung up on a beat…


Sometimes life gets so real that you can’t turn the volume down.  Every once in a while it pops off, eyes of a child.  Wild.  Style.  Wreck shop.  Nobody want none, playboy.  Fake funk freakers everywhere I look.  Shook?  Not me.  See the realness represented.  Life comes quickly at the speed of light.  Fright night rhymes or a Luis Suarez bite.  World Cup Football.  Can’t fake the realness.  Mental illness abounds.  Soft suckaz catch feelings.  Drown my sorrows in a cup.  Erupt with the quickness.  Mt. St. Helen’s in this bitch.  Forgive my simplistic rhymes.  The chimes ring.  Bells toll.  Flute toots.  Sax blows.  I could go on and on.  Sick with this gift, but I’d rather cut things short.  Preserve the mystery, otherwise the funds come up, shorty.  Catch myself sittin in the gutter.  No dreams, no ends, sippin’ a 40.  The beats on repeat.  Y’all know my lyrics is endless.  Spend thrift euphemisms day in an day out.  Come correct with my flows.  Never look for easy ways out.

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