The 2014 FIFA World Cup: An Observation

I have been enjoying the hell out of the World Cup so far.  I don’t even have a cable subscription, but have managed to catch a few games on ABC or at the pub.  ESPN Radio has been a savior because I can listen to the play-by-play of every single match for free if I wish.

My dilemma has been the guilt I feel for enjoying the event so very much.  Like the well-informed denizen of the 1st World and lapsed Catholic that I am, it obviously follows that my personal sense of guilt is robust and pervasive.

I am aware of the ultimate purpose of professional sport and events such as these to enrich the already obscenely wealthy and distract the masses.  “Are you not entertained?”

I know full well the current plight of the Brazilian Poor and of the boondoggles such as the newly constructed arenas, one even being constructed in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest without a large population to fill it beyond the World Cup and possibly the Summer Olympics in ’16.  Or how about the destruction of a thriving Favela in downtown Rio to put in a parking lot that never ended up being constructed?

I make a conscious effort to lead a life of goodness that includes not supporting in any way things that harm the poor, but I love futbol and find my self irresistibly drawn to the spectacle of the World Cup.

Looks like my guilt will be sticking around until late July…


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