Holy Frijoles!!!

Boy howdy, do I suck at regularly blogging as of late.  I just took a look at my dashboard and realized that my last post was far too many days ago.

Sometimes it is fun to play the blame game so I am going to list in no particular order all of the things that have prevented me from putting some worthwhile words to the digital ink.

1) Hangovers.  Did you know that if you don’t drink enough water after having several alcoholic beverages that it causes you to feel like ran over shit the next morning?  (Full Disclosure – Having known this apparently does not always translate into doing it.)

2) Crossfit.  Did you know that extreme muscle soreness and dried sweat make you 99.9% less likely to want to write?  (Full Disclosure – I have not properly researched the above percentage.)

3) Work.  Did you know that when acclimating yourself to a knew position it is mentally draining to an almost debilitating degree?  (Full Disclosure – I’m sure almost everyone knows this, but I wanted to use it as an excuse so here we are.)

4) Parenting.  No explanation or disclosure needed.

5) All the rest of the mostly mundane day to day shit we do.  Did you know that being a responsible adult, keeping a home, and feeding your family properly take up a fuck ton of time?  (Full Disclosure – All in all I am damned thankful to be where I am right at this moment and I hope you are too.  If you’re not, take the steps to get yourself there.  It is terrible hard work, but living right and doing right are their own rewards and if it makes your life better in the future it will have been worth the struggle.)

Peace, Love, and Unity


One comment on “Holy Frijoles!!!

  1. Carolyn says:

    I agree, and all that shit gets in the way of my leisure time! How am I supposed to properly attend to my villagers in Animal Crossing and Tomodachi Life if I have things like cleaning and tending to my husband get in the way?!

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