The Struggle

Some days I wonder if it is worth my time, energy, and/or sanity to stay informed and try to live what I consider to be a right and just lifestyle.

I spend my money as locally as possible.  I drive my automobile as little as possible.  I teach my children to try and be happy without some sort of video screen entertaining them.  I sign a multitude of online petitions and write a plethora of letters to my elected officials, companies, or organizations politely but firmly demanding they do the right and just thing.  I support independent artists as much as possible.  I have stopped bootlegging music and movies out of a conscious realization that no matter how many hairs I split, it is theft.  Plain and simple.  I have cancelled my credit cards.  I bank at a credit union.  I pay my debts.  I live within my means.  I guess it all boils down to doing all that I can to make this world a better place for myself and others.  Good citizenship and stewardship is essential to creating a right and just society.

Some days it just seems like a drop in the pond or whichever metaphor you prefer.  Some days I feel it would be easier to just ignore it all and concentrate on mine and my family’s own comfort and happiness and the rest of the world can go fuck itself.

Depending on how down I get, this may last for several minutes or several hours.  It never has last longer than a day.

Eventually I realize that if all I have in the end is the nobility of my struggle to live rightly and justly that is enough in itself.

That realization becomes my shield and my unwillingness to surrender to hopelessness is the sword I grip.

Fight on.  Pick up your comrades if they fall.  Keep advancing.  Do not remain silent.  Never quit.  Live.  Love.  Laugh.  You get the idea.


2 comments on “The Struggle

  1. margotyoga says:

    Keep on fightin’ the good fight, my friend. You’ve always had a philosopher’s mind and a kind heart and I have never doubted what an impact that alone can have to make this world a better place.

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