Finding Happiness More Simply

A cold beer, funky bassline, family and friends, and last but not least…any kind of bbq.

Life has been in flux of late.  With a new job, a new schedule, and new worries I have obviously been posting far less frequently than usual.

Mostly I am chalking it up to time being at a premium, but deep down if I am being honest with myself, I was getting too fucking depressed and had to take a step back.

The last few days I have been paying attention to the world at my normal caliber and trying to balance the knowledge and awareness with a valid  level of concern for my mental state.

Little things observed daily remind me how precious and fragile LIFE is.  Each and everyone of us deserves and is obligated to carve out whatever happiness, comfort, and meaning we are able to daily as long as it is not to the detriment of our fellow human beings.

My way of finding a balance has been to simplify and localize my life.  Next steps include reintroducing a regular physical fitness regimen and confining alcohol consumption to the weekend excluding special occasions.

Wish me luck!  Every day that passes gives me a sense that I continue to get a better handle on how to make the most of this thing called life.  If anyone wishes for more specifics I am glad to share.  I don’t have it all figured out…but I think what I have figured out would be beneficial to share in the interest of commUNITY.

One Love.


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