Every Rhyme I Write Is 25 to Life

I am feeling salty tonight.  As such I figure it is time to remind everyone what I am about as well as what I worry about.  Life is about honesty and communication:

1) Dope Music

2) Craft Beer

3) Social Justice

4) Dismantling Corporations

5) Cooking delicious meals for the fam

6) Localization

7) True morality

8) Fossil free

9) Due diligence

10) My friends

I am ready for a new paradigm.  I am ready for a new world order.  The Empire has fallen whether it knows it or not.  It is time to take responsibility for our actions and the actions of those we fund through our taxes.  Next year I am withholding a percentage of my taxes because of the illegal wars this nation wages.  This year as much as humanly possible I am spending my money locally instead of corporately.  The longer we wait to revolt against this sick sadistic system we have all supported directly or indirectly, the more quickly our mutual destruction looms.

Yet here I sit.  Waiting.  What am I waiting for?  When will it be enough?  I honestly agonize over this shit.  I honestly believe we are traveling upon a road to ruin.

At the end of the day I guess I have to be happy with resistance.  I guess I have to be happy with the personal actions I take to go against the tide.

At this point I still have something to lose.  I have to feed my children.  Will my children thank me in 20 years?  Will they scorn my actions as cowardice?

These are the types of thoughts the stroll through my conscious.  I fear we have waited too long to act.  We are so close to the precipice…


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