Apologie Neglecte

Full Disclosure:

That title is completely made up and may not even mean anything in any known language.

That having been said, I definitely need to apologize to the blog for neglecting it over the last fortnight or so.

I am super duper sorry, blog.  I will endeavor not to let this level of neglect occur in the future.

It has been a great Monday away from the office.  I needed the recovery day after this weekend.  I co-MC’d a Crossfit competition this past weekend and while the experience was bar none, standing on hard concrete for 8-11 hours per day was grueling.  It reminded me of my past life as a retail slave.  Bless the inventor of the anti-fatigue mat.

I will probably be posting again a bit later tonight, but right now the sun is shining, Fantastic Voyage just came on the radio and a cold brewski is calling mi nombre.



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