ODOT Tells Rail Companies to Keep Oil Deliveries Secret

ODOT Tells Rail Companies to Keep Oil Deliveries Secret

This boils my blood.  The security risk is not the knowledge of these trains’ routes it is the mere fact that they are carrying this oil through my beloved state.


A Beginning of Sorts

The modern era ended with a slight breeze and a sun break between heavy Pacific Northwest rain.  “Life’s a Bitch” by Nas off of the seminal Hip-Hop album Illmatic was bumping in my speakers.  My nine year old son in the next room curled up in a blanket playing Skylanders: Swapforce on the Xbox360 did not notice.  Nor did my daughter upstairs sweatily napping away under a pile of blankets wearing her zebra pattern faux fur coat as opposed to a normal shirt top.

The beer stein at my left hand full of Space Fruit by Coalition Brewing Portland, Oregon served to wet my whistle while my mind contemplated the usual disturbing subjects it had lately fixated on.  As I nodded my head back and forth to Nas’ vocals and the funkiest of jazz horn samples I found myself wishing my wife was here so I could ask her what she thought we should do.

Our conversation would have likely been fruitless.  My better half is not nearly concerned enough about the current state of the world.  Nor are the majority of my friends and family for that matter.  I wish I possessed the staff of Gandalf so I could shake them from their stupor as the White Wizard did to King Theoden.  If I wasn’t almost positive that a better way of life was possible, I would probably have preferred the same state of blissful ignorance that so many of my fellow citizens clung to.  Change is damned difficult.  I certainly understand that.  Far easier it would be to medicate through sitcoms, sport, and substances.

I ain’t goin’ out like that, though.  Call it hubris, being stubborn as a mule, or naive idealism.  My outlook is that it is far better to go down fighting back than to ignore the conflict and end up catching a stray bullet – chalked up to collateral damage by some chalk faced pundit on cable news.

To Be Cont…

Every Rhyme I Write Is 25 to Life

I am feeling salty tonight.  As such I figure it is time to remind everyone what I am about as well as what I worry about.  Life is about honesty and communication:

1) Dope Music

2) Craft Beer

3) Social Justice

4) Dismantling Corporations

5) Cooking delicious meals for the fam

6) Localization

7) True morality

8) Fossil free

9) Due diligence

10) My friends

I am ready for a new paradigm.  I am ready for a new world order.  The Empire has fallen whether it knows it or not.  It is time to take responsibility for our actions and the actions of those we fund through our taxes.  Next year I am withholding a percentage of my taxes because of the illegal wars this nation wages.  This year as much as humanly possible I am spending my money locally instead of corporately.  The longer we wait to revolt against this sick sadistic system we have all supported directly or indirectly, the more quickly our mutual destruction looms.

Yet here I sit.  Waiting.  What am I waiting for?  When will it be enough?  I honestly agonize over this shit.  I honestly believe we are traveling upon a road to ruin.

At the end of the day I guess I have to be happy with resistance.  I guess I have to be happy with the personal actions I take to go against the tide.

At this point I still have something to lose.  I have to feed my children.  Will my children thank me in 20 years?  Will they scorn my actions as cowardice?

These are the types of thoughts the stroll through my conscious.  I fear we have waited too long to act.  We are so close to the precipice…

Apologie Neglecte

Full Disclosure:

That title is completely made up and may not even mean anything in any known language.

That having been said, I definitely need to apologize to the blog for neglecting it over the last fortnight or so.

I am super duper sorry, blog.  I will endeavor not to let this level of neglect occur in the future.

It has been a great Monday away from the office.  I needed the recovery day after this weekend.  I co-MC’d a Crossfit competition this past weekend and while the experience was bar none, standing on hard concrete for 8-11 hours per day was grueling.  It reminded me of my past life as a retail slave.  Bless the inventor of the anti-fatigue mat.

I will probably be posting again a bit later tonight, but right now the sun is shining, Fantastic Voyage just came on the radio and a cold brewski is calling mi nombre.


Hope For the Future

Coming off of a great night catching up with my boy, Jonathan and bumping some Zion I while I fry up bacon from the local butcher – I cannot help but feel a renewed sense of hope for the future.

Lately I have been exposing myself to a lot of negativity in the form of news and journal articles about environmental degradation, economic exploitation, and human rights violations.  I have also been reading a necessary but depressing book by Chris Hedges entitled The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress that should be required reading for every current and future CEO.  It is not so much that exposing myself to these truths has robbed me of the will to care about the future, but more that I have been feeling guilty about not being able to do more in this fight.

But this morning I woke up and made a conscious decision that the simple acts of maintaining relationships with lifelong friends, listening to independent music, and consuming food produced locally and sold by a local business are all ways that I can fight back against the myriad of injustices perpetrated by the current class of corporate overlords and their political henchmen.  I am just one person, but by dedicating my resources and activities to things outside of that sphere they become important as a symbolic rebellion against all that is wrong with our world.  AND if I can inspire more people to do the same by taking these simple choices and turning them into subversive acts, eventually the denial of resources and support to the current system will be felt.

If enough of us start to make conscious choices about how we get our food, how we spend our money, and how our actions affect not only our local communities, but the rest of the world…I truly believe we can start to turn it all around and foster a greater and more just society for a larger number of people as opposed to just those lucky enough to be born into a certain family or country.

Regardless of the success or failure of my actions, I take solace in that win or lose, the acts of defiance and consideration of the effects of our personal choices in and of themselves mean that I am and will continue to fight that good fight.

In closing, do not give up.  You do not have to be on the front lines of activism and resistance to make a difference.  By doing what you can within your own family and local community, you are supporting those in a position to take a more active role in the fight to make the world a more just place.  However, if you are in a position to dive into the trenches, I salute you and will support you in my own little way with gratitude, respect, and solidarity.