Where You Been At?

I was visiting the Oregon Coast with my children, my parents, and my one and only brother over the last few days.  For me, these trips are a chance to relax and unplug , primarily facilitated by forced internet isolation.  This time around I noticed that I was feeling noticeably more agitated over the geographically-imposed connectivity hiatus.  I also felt the separation from my spouse more keenly, especially from a co-parenting perspective!

I take two lessons from these acknowledged feelings.  The first is that I will be disabling the alerts on my phone!  Sweet Jesus in a tuxedo tee-shirt, I couldn’t go five minutes without an email alert, Facebook update, or Bleacher Report news brief.  The second is that I am a more balanced human being when co-habitating with my partner in crime.  Go figure, right?

BUT I had a great time!  Spending quality time with my parents and observing their quirky relationship firsthand is always a welcome experience.  Plus I got a chance to cook all four communal meals for the family and give my Mom a break from kitchen duties.  Evenings were spent playing the REDACTED card game with my brother.  Ok, it was Magic: The Gathering and I am a dork.  The kids enjoyed the family time and got to experience swimming milestones at the community pool.  Connor learned the joys of exhaustion-inducing cannonball repetitions.  Mallory (with the aid of floaties) felt the exhilaration of independently swimming around the pool for the first time.  Watching her navigate between the other swimmers would have been an easy winner on America’s Funniest Home Videos if I had access to a waterproof video camera.

We did end up returning a day early because we missed Mommy and the weather providing that extra little shove.  It is truly great to be home, but as always, I cannot wait to go back.

I realize this post is a bit different than the norm, but I wanted to share something personal about my own life.  Thank you for reading.


One comment on “Where You Been At?

  1. Carolyn says:

    I do enjoy my unplugged vacations. I take my iPad, but the phone is off for sure. My husband’s family has a lodge and a bunch of cabins in the mountains of Colorado where you don’t even have wifi as an option. You have to go 15 minutes down the road just to get a cell phone signal. It’s a lovely sort of quiet and a great escape from the tech world. When we first left Oregon we lived in a cabin up there. We had satellite internet, but it was sketchy at best. We had satellite TV, but again, sketchy at best. It was so refreshing. And the peace and being in nature with the elk, deer, moose, birds and squirrels (and bears in the spring, summer, fall) was perfect. I miss it a lot.

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