1st World Problems

By most standards I had an awful day today.

I am on vacation from my job that pays a fair wage and provides extremely competitive benefits for an ENTIRE WEEK.

My plans were to go shopping with my well to do parents for the mini-vacation that my children, my brother, and said well to do parents would be embarking upon mid-week.

I went out to the driveway in my suburban paradise to start my full-size SUV and damn it all to hell, the thing would not start.

Hell to pay does not even begin to represent the rage that welled within me.

Someone was going to take the fall.  Consequences would be felt.  My righteous wrath would be quenched one way or another.

My insurance company towing coverage was quick and efficient.  My tow truck driver immediately realized that the problem was with my battery.  I was able to drive my car to a mechanic where I had a solid personal connection to one of the techs.  I got to drink a Dead Guy from Rogue Brewing while I waited for my automobile to regain functionality.

All things considered, this was a relatively minor hiccup.

BUT my outrage was that of the Persian Empire in the movie 300.

“Our arrows will block out the sun.”

Sweet merciful Jesus, you would have thought the world was coming to an end.

However I quickly regained control of my emotions and GOT OVER IT.

Here are some links to real world news stories about folks whose days were way worse than mine:

Texas Barge Collision Oil Spill

4000 Migrant Workers Will Die So Qatar Can Host the World Cup

Recalled to Life

How a Coyote Suffered…

Fuck You, Sea World

I got depressed and stopped posting news stories…


One comment on “1st World Problems

  1. margotyoga says:

    Sounds like it’s time to move to your previously referenced self-sustaining farm. =)
    Sorry you had a bad day. Sometimes I think my yoga teacher doesn’t like me, and it makes me sad. 1st world problems are still problems sometimes.

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