The Food Connection

I strongly recommend reading Wendell Berry.  Two books in and I am hooked.

What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth


Bringing it to the Table:  On Farming and Food

Both titles provide jaw-dropping perspective on one of the greatest perils facing society today (what we are doing to our world to produce food that in all honestly is quite poisonous) as well as suggestions for a new attitude about where  we ought to return to as communities of human beings.

To be able to move with my family onto a small self-sufficient farm would be a dream come true.  I do not necessarily need more money or goods.  I need more meaning and purpose.  I doubt that I am the only one feeling a disconnect I fall just short of being able to put into words.

Returning to a lifestyle of hard but meaningful and fulfilling work seems like a proper remedy if you ask me.


2 comments on “The Food Connection

  1. Carolyn says:

    I long to be able to grow things and produce some of my food. Sadly we don’t even have the ability to grow a plant here. Happily the food is fresh and freshly made with fruits and veggies from the area (Malaysia, Thailand) but we still have loads of imported food from all over, especially China. If I were to go on a China boycott I would starve to death, be naked and live on the street. And reduce, reuse, recycle is a completely foreign idea here. It’s awful in that regard.

  2. bigscrits says:

    Rooftop garden???

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