Get Ready for the Global Riots

Get Ready for the Global Riots

I really hate to advocate for global unrest because a lot of innocent people are always adversely affected.

At the same time…it needs to happen.  My fellow citizens need to wake up.  Myself and so many of my peers are just coasting along in our comfortable little bubbles.

We need to be jarred out of these comfort zones and put our money where our mouths are, so to speak.

The only reason I am not out on the streets right now is because if I were, my children would end up with a Father incarcerated for championing social justice…but that wouldn’t feed them.

Waiting and Hoping.


2 comments on “Get Ready for the Global Riots

  1. Carolyn says:

    I have every faith in you that you will MAKE IT HAPPEN. We can’t just sit here all unaware in our cozy homes while people are starving and abused and abusing the world. Just can’t.

  2. bigscrits says:

    Wow. I was kind of all over the place with this one. I guess I must really not know what I want to do at this point. I am more of a staunch supporter than a figurehead, but I really am getting tired of waiting…

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