We’re Not Worthy

Double India Pale Ale Taken from my HTCSense

Fort George Omegatex Double India Pale Ale Taken from my HTCSense

Fellow citizens, unless you know me personally you will fail to grasp the significance of these 22 ounces of godly nectar.

Fort George brewery in Astoria, Oregon brews my favorite readily available IPA on the planet (Oregon) by the name of Vortex.  Clocking in at 7.7 ABV –  its hoppy goodness is enough to make angels sing.  It truly is the stuff of legend.

Imagine my delight when I come across it’s Imperial cousin boasting a robust (omg corporate buzzwords) 9.9 ABV at my local New Seasons Market!  Did I catch a 9er in there?!  Were you calling from a walkie talkie???

Have you ever smelled bliss?  Have you ever tasted nirvana?  I have and it’s name is Omegatex!

Find it now and sip responsibly.


Where You Been At?

I was visiting the Oregon Coast with my children, my parents, and my one and only brother over the last few days.  For me, these trips are a chance to relax and unplug , primarily facilitated by forced internet isolation.  This time around I noticed that I was feeling noticeably more agitated over the geographically-imposed connectivity hiatus.  I also felt the separation from my spouse more keenly, especially from a co-parenting perspective!

I take two lessons from these acknowledged feelings.  The first is that I will be disabling the alerts on my phone!  Sweet Jesus in a tuxedo tee-shirt, I couldn’t go five minutes without an email alert, Facebook update, or Bleacher Report news brief.  The second is that I am a more balanced human being when co-habitating with my partner in crime.  Go figure, right?

BUT I had a great time!  Spending quality time with my parents and observing their quirky relationship firsthand is always a welcome experience.  Plus I got a chance to cook all four communal meals for the family and give my Mom a break from kitchen duties.  Evenings were spent playing the REDACTED card game with my brother.  Ok, it was Magic: The Gathering and I am a dork.  The kids enjoyed the family time and got to experience swimming milestones at the community pool.  Connor learned the joys of exhaustion-inducing cannonball repetitions.  Mallory (with the aid of floaties) felt the exhilaration of independently swimming around the pool for the first time.  Watching her navigate between the other swimmers would have been an easy winner on America’s Funniest Home Videos if I had access to a waterproof video camera.

We did end up returning a day early because we missed Mommy and the weather providing that extra little shove.  It is truly great to be home, but as always, I cannot wait to go back.

I realize this post is a bit different than the norm, but I wanted to share something personal about my own life.  Thank you for reading.

1st World Problems

By most standards I had an awful day today.

I am on vacation from my job that pays a fair wage and provides extremely competitive benefits for an ENTIRE WEEK.

My plans were to go shopping with my well to do parents for the mini-vacation that my children, my brother, and said well to do parents would be embarking upon mid-week.

I went out to the driveway in my suburban paradise to start my full-size SUV and damn it all to hell, the thing would not start.

Hell to pay does not even begin to represent the rage that welled within me.

Someone was going to take the fall.  Consequences would be felt.  My righteous wrath would be quenched one way or another.

My insurance company towing coverage was quick and efficient.  My tow truck driver immediately realized that the problem was with my battery.  I was able to drive my car to a mechanic where I had a solid personal connection to one of the techs.  I got to drink a Dead Guy from Rogue Brewing while I waited for my automobile to regain functionality.

All things considered, this was a relatively minor hiccup.

BUT my outrage was that of the Persian Empire in the movie 300.

“Our arrows will block out the sun.”

Sweet merciful Jesus, you would have thought the world was coming to an end.

However I quickly regained control of my emotions and GOT OVER IT.

Here are some links to real world news stories about folks whose days were way worse than mine:

Texas Barge Collision Oil Spill

4000 Migrant Workers Will Die So Qatar Can Host the World Cup

Recalled to Life

How a Coyote Suffered…

Fuck You, Sea World

I got depressed and stopped posting news stories…

The Food Connection

I strongly recommend reading Wendell Berry.  Two books in and I am hooked.

What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth


Bringing it to the Table:  On Farming and Food

Both titles provide jaw-dropping perspective on one of the greatest perils facing society today (what we are doing to our world to produce food that in all honestly is quite poisonous) as well as suggestions for a new attitude about where  we ought to return to as communities of human beings.

To be able to move with my family onto a small self-sufficient farm would be a dream come true.  I do not necessarily need more money or goods.  I need more meaning and purpose.  I doubt that I am the only one feeling a disconnect I fall just short of being able to put into words.

Returning to a lifestyle of hard but meaningful and fulfilling work seems like a proper remedy if you ask me.

Let Me Clear My Throat

Something about a sensual jazz lick got me vibin’ with laying down some smooth lyrics right about now.  Not sure what else to say, but OK…here it goes!  Uhhh 1, 2, 3 and to the 4, Jacob Scrits-mi-er is at your motherfuckin’ door, ready to make an entrance so back on up.  I do not feel the need to rip anything up at this point…  Grammar and diction are my passions on the surface, but deep down low I get hype off that purpose.  I want to tell the truth.  I want to expose the lies.  I want to make sure all of these rich motherfuckers know that Calvin can’t make a living off of slinging those delicious fries.  Don’t try to front.  Don’t try to deny.  Just acknowledge that  your notion of fairness is a myth and raise a fist to the sky.  That having been said.  Nobody get it twisted.  I am about that love.  Make it  above reproach and unconditional even when push come to shove.  #Kurtis

Diamond In the Back…Sunroof Top…

Apologies for the hiatus.  Lately I have really been struggling with motivation to post.  Between the Russian Occupation of Crimea (yeah, I said it), all of the pipeline protests, missing Malaysian jets, and Cosmos I have really been raging against my own ambivalence truth be be told.

In all honesty, I have been contemplating the pros and cons of going off the grid from an internet perspective.  After the revelations obtained in my analysis of “Dragnet Nation” from Julia Angwin…I was feeling very resigned to unplugging completely – and that, being the best form of action.  Unfortunately for all of y’all…I decided against said course of action.

BUT – at this point in my evening I really don’t have much to say.  I wish I had some clever and inspiring words to uplift and/or goad you, but I’m a bit drunk off of delicious regional IPAs and I just want to enjoy my Saturday Night.  I haven’t given up on it all…but you could say tactical retreat is on my mind.

HOWEVER, if I could impart any words of wisdom at this hour they would be “stick to your fucking guns.”  Do you.  Regardless of opposition in any form, do you.  Life is too fucking short not to, and I am STILL vibing off of Wendell Berry’s words about farming and the necessity of connection between us and the food we produce and consume.  One love.