We Live In Exciting Times

It is easy to spiral into depression, resignation, and/or annui when faced with the overwhelming truth that the vast majority of us exist as human chattel.  We have been bred and conditioned to consume rather than question and if we, as a society, nay, as a species do not wake up and smell the coffee…it may soon be too late to do a damned thing about it.

But at the very same time, we are existing in a time of tremendous activity, and dare I say, progress toward the goal of a truly free existence.  Patriots such as Edward Snowden have lit a fire underneath the dormant embers of a community of advocates, anarchists, and anyone else concerned over the seemingly inexorable dominance of the capitalist oligarchy.

Some words by Chris Hedges via Truthdig

More and more of our brothers and sisters are waking up to the reality of our existence.  The time is now to raise your voice.  The time is now to raise your fist.  The time is now to resist these forces of evil.  And I do not shy away from characterizing them as evil!  As a human being you have a responsibility to yourself and your fellow human beings to be cognizant of the active or passive role you play in enabling evil to thrive.  As Brother Ali told us, “This is not a practice life.”  We are playing in the big game.  So what do you want to see on your highlight reel?


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