“Is This Enough?”

Some time last year, after getting some feedback from actual friends that a lot of my “shares” on Facebook were making them uncomfortable or were too numerous to have meaningful impact, and that I should cease and desist – I decided instead of proselytizing, I will simply leave the question “Is this enough?” along with a link, as opposed to a rant or even my own humble opinion about the piece or the cause.

Recently I have reversed the practice.  Time is too short to beat around the bush.  One of my inspirations to stand up and make noise about climate change, Bill McKibben, inspired me with an appearance on Democracy Now!

Whether it is a divestment campaign, donations to 350.org, or getting arrested to stop MegaLoads.  We as a species need to fight back against the naked greed that continues to propagate our destruction, largely with our tacit blessing, or make peace with our quite possible extinction a lot sooner than later.


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