Session This!

Deschutes Brewery’s Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale

Welcome Friends!

This is my first review, rant, rambling about beer on my new blog!

Being from Portland, Oregon it is almost unfairly simple to find world-renowned beers as closely as the mini mart up the block.

Deschutes Brewery in Bend is one of my all-time favorites.  Their year around beer lineup reads like a connoisseur’s greatest hits.

Red Chair is a seasonal offering that usually becomes available right after Christmas.  It is a welcome change after a long winter ale season.

Now most beer drinkers consider 4-5% ABV (alcohol by volume) to be ideal  for session-type beers.  For the layman, a session beer is a brew that has a good malt/hop balance and is low enough in ABV to be enjoyed over multiple servings.

Red Chair clocks in at 6.2% ABV and characteristic of the Pacific Northwest, is a bit further toward the hoppiness end of the spectrum making it a perfect session ale for a beer drinker of my ilk.  I love hops and I love beers that inch a bit higher up the charts when it comes to ABV.  Red Chair is a godsend because it is not so high in alcohol content that after three of four pints I am waking up in the morning with a hop hangover, and I still get to treat my taste buds to a citrusy hop finish.



3 comments on “Session This!

  1. nathan whitney says:

    I am a fan of the red chair. one of my favorite offerings from deschutes is the bachelor bitter which they used to bottle in 12oz 6packs. I heard that they are bringing back the cinder cone in 22oz bottles year round starting in march… right now i am drinking a cascadian dark lager of my own creation. it is good and i love it.

  2. bigscrits says:

    Nathan, you should let me review said Cascadian Dark Lager! I tried two new beers tonight that I will not be doing an official post on, the Bridgeport Citra Dry Hop Czar as well as the Cascade Lakes 20th Anniversary IPA. The Hop Czar was off the charts IBU-wise, while the 20th Anniversary IPA was kind of ho-hum considering what it was created for. I would expect something celebrating a 20th anniversary to knock my socks off, but while it was solid…that is the best I can say for it.

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