Decolonizing Pipeline Resistance: An Interview With Freda Huson

Decolonizing Pipeline Resistance: An Interview With Freda Huson

I enjoyed this read.  It was a bit on the short side as far as interviews go, but I appreciated the interviewee’s viewpoint.  We as a society need to remember that we are on occupied land to a certain extent.  I am not advocating packing of bags and returning to the old country, but it is important to acknowledge this dimension of our shared struggle.  Collectively we need to seek harmony and symbiosis as opposed to dominance and control.


On Being Selfish

I have taken a couple days off from posting and will probably take a couple more.  I probably will not be back until 02/26.  Every so often I just need to unplug from reading, writing, and to a certain extent, thinking about this madness we experience on a daily basis.  When trying to accentuate the positive, I guess I can take some small comfort in my 1st World Problem aka the ability to extricate myself from reality almost at will.  My apologies to those that do not have that particular luxury.  I will be back to rant and rave before you know it.

I Don’t…I Just Can’t Understand…Fuck It


Via Mother Jones


“Judge not.  Lest ye be judged.”  “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  And fucking so on.

I read the above linked article and was sick to my stomach.  There is so much messed up shit going on in the world today.  Our own government spends billions on weapons to remotely rain death upon brown people on the other side of the world.  That is a fact.  Look it up if you do not believe me.  Young children in our own country go hungry each and every day.  So-called First World nations gluttonously consume resources at the expense of developing nations.  The list goes on and on.


I have one question.  How would you feel if someone discriminated against you for loving the opposite sex?  It would probably feel pretty shitty if I had to make an educated guess.

We Live In Exciting Times

It is easy to spiral into depression, resignation, and/or annui when faced with the overwhelming truth that the vast majority of us exist as human chattel.  We have been bred and conditioned to consume rather than question and if we, as a society, nay, as a species do not wake up and smell the coffee…it may soon be too late to do a damned thing about it.

But at the very same time, we are existing in a time of tremendous activity, and dare I say, progress toward the goal of a truly free existence.  Patriots such as Edward Snowden have lit a fire underneath the dormant embers of a community of advocates, anarchists, and anyone else concerned over the seemingly inexorable dominance of the capitalist oligarchy.

Some words by Chris Hedges via Truthdig

More and more of our brothers and sisters are waking up to the reality of our existence.  The time is now to raise your voice.  The time is now to raise your fist.  The time is now to resist these forces of evil.  And I do not shy away from characterizing them as evil!  As a human being you have a responsibility to yourself and your fellow human beings to be cognizant of the active or passive role you play in enabling evil to thrive.  As Brother Ali told us, “This is not a practice life.”  We are playing in the big game.  So what do you want to see on your highlight reel?

Sip-Sip-Sippin’ On Some…

dorymans-togethervia Pelican Brewery

As I sit back after a long day at work bumpin’ some vintage De La Soul and relaxing with a cold one, it became clear that not just any brew would serve to compliment my black mood.

Enter Doryman’s Dark.  An American-style Brown Ale from one of my favorite in-state craft breweries, Pelican.  Yes, it is dark.  Yes, it toasted and roasted.  Exquisitely balanced as far as the malt/hop balance is concerned, I enjoyed it via generous sips as opposed to gluttonous quaffs.

Here’s hoping that this will be the next sixer offering from our good friends at the Pelican Pub & Brewery!


Drone Warfare or President Barack Obama Is A War Criminal

Original Story via Tom Dispatch

All I can do is urge you as an American Citizen or Citizen of any other nation for that matter, to consider what you would do if another nation sent flying death robots into your country to launch rockets to kill.  I consider it a crime solely based upon the “collateral” damage inflicted.  My taxes are supporting this madness and I am ashamed.

It Does Not Matter…I Love You

I posted this on Facebook about a month ago after reading several hateful and ignorant posts, articles, etc.  It was very much stream of consciousness and only edited for grammar.


I love you. It does not matter to me what you look like. It does not matter to me if you love boys or girls. It does not matter to me if you are a Los Angeles Laker fan. I love you. It does not matter to me whether you practice Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, or Wicca. It does not matter to me if you were born in a particular country. It does not matter to me if your skin is a certain color. It does not matter to me if you are obsessive compulsive. I love you. It does not matter to me if you own a gun. It does not matter to me if you curse. It does not matter to me if you ride a bike or drive a car. I love you. It does not matter to me the level of education you have obtained. It does not matter to me if you have a poor credit score. It does not matter to me how much wealth you have accumulated. I love you.

I wrote this because as I sit at home trying to get my sick child to blow her nose more often, I am also reading stuff on social media and on news sites. I am reading and seeing a lot of hate. At the end of the day we are all human beings living on a random planet just trying to do the best we can at this thing called life and while I cannot force people to change their viewpoints, let go of their prejudices, or change their consciousnesses I can remind my small group of friends and family that I love them for who they are no matter what. I can highlight to my little community that as we head into a new year and celebrate the past one, I am going to do more loving and less hating. We all judge one and another. It is human to do so and as far as I know, all of you and myself are human beings with all the inherent imperfections that entails. We all have our likes and our dislikes. We all have our notions about morality, politics, culture, and spirituality. But when you get to the heart of it and shed all of the other bullshit, you are left with either love or hate. I have read a lot of old stories about a dude who chose to love everyone and I think he had the right idea. It is high time we remembered that we are all sharing space on this tiny blue dot in a big old universe. Let us love one and another for the short time we exist in a truly amazing world because in all likelihood this is it for us and it could end in a heartbeat.

I love you.